You cannot make a true impact unless you are profitable...at least not for very long. We believe that mission-driven entrepreneurs should not have to sacrifice themselves financially to improve the world.

Ingrid is founder of Viridian Analytics.  Viridian's financial and business consulting services are designed to maximize the profitability and financial health of your business.  Initial consultations are free - no strings attached. If we are a good fit, we will tailor a plan to match your business objectives.

According to the Small Business Administration, 80% of all US based small businesses are not generating one dollar of profit. What's the secret of the other 20%? Even in their early years, they partner with an executive level financial expert to drive critical success factors and profitability in their businesses.

We support CEO’s of growth stage companies ($1M - $10M revenues) to improve profits and strengthen cash flow. This positions owners for a lifetime income and positions the company for acquisition or deeper impact in their marketplace. 

We work with the CFO’s of established organizations ($>10M) to implement Profit First.

We partner with your business to:

✔ Drive profitability
✔ Conduct profit assessments
✔ Develop budgets
✔ Promote process improvement
✔ Identify critical success factors for revenue growth
✔ Streamline financial management (and generate reports you can actually understand)
✔ Strengthen cash flow (while plugging serious money leaks)
✔ Craft compensation plans (that your sales teams can understand!)
✔ Identify your core value proposition for marketing, investors and partners
✔ Develop and track key performance indicators for maximum impact and results
✔ Conduct strategic planning
✔ Assist in connecting to alternative sources of financing
✔ Negotiate with vendors
✔ Minimize risk

Why Viridian?

You want to be financially profitable and impactful

How can you be expected to make an impact in the world when you are struggling financially? You can’t save the world if you’re broke. (Mother Theresa may not have had many material possessions, but she had a whole legion of nuns and a very powerful institution behind her).  Take the sage advice of flight attendants everywhere and put on your oxygen mask before helping starving children in Africa…or fixing a city…or curing cancer...or building a cathedral...or building a business. We want to help you maximize your impact by ensuring that your financial house is in order.

If you're not broke, congratulations! You are in the minority of small business entrepreneurs. We can take your financial planning to the next level. We can further maximize your profit AND your capacity for making an impact.

Viridan uses the Profit First method of accounting (the old envelope system) coupled with regular data-driven financial check-ups presented to you in a one-on-one, plain English dialog.  We will help you fix your finances first. We will help you take your profit first. And we will help you stop feeling guilty about it.  We accompany you in growing you profitability in a strategic and systematic way. We help you build a business that you love.  

You need someone that understands your industry

Strategic financial planning requires understanding the intricacies of an entire sector.  We have deep interest and knowledge base rooted in urban planning and design. By limiting the range of clients that we serve, we are able to provide the highest level of service.

You need someone that understands contracts

If you deal with clients, subcontractors, or project phases, the work doesn't end once the contract is signed. Elements of your contracts need to be tracked within your accounting system and inform your overall business strategies.  We have methods to manage all aspects of contracts including job costing, estimates, contract phases, cash flow, and more. Moreover, we can help you determine your most profitable clients and client-types so that you can grow a business that you love. 

You need someone that understands government and governance

We understand the relationships between planning and design professionals and government entities. Governments behave differently than the private sector. This has consequences for strategic financial planning, including contracts, how you account for income and expenses, the timing of cash flow, and the degree of profitability you can assume.

You want a financial system that makes the best use of current technology

Do you want to make the most of the amazing accounting technology that is available? Don't know where to start? We stay up-to-date on technological advances in financial software and related applications - with special attention to the tools that work for our clients.  We will make sure you are using technology and services that best serve the needs of you and your company, allowing you to run your business efficiently and focus on what matters.